April Fools Was Fun

April 7th, 2009

It was cold and dark…but we had fun anyway.

Butterfly Migration Day

March 10th, 2009

Today is, March 11, 2009 - it’s the start of the butterfly migration. It’s still winter here. There are a few weeds blooming under the edges of the snow and muddy dirt. It will be another month before real Spring comes, although all of our daffodils are up but not flowing yet.

They appear to be the same species of butterfly, and look like the West Coast Lady (Vanesssa annabella). Orange and black they cover our yard in a hurry to get home. I saw a few butterflies dancing in circles in the sun over the past few weekends. One here, two there, early runners scouting the course for the rest. Today, every 10 seconds or so, one, two, three butterflies will fly across our yard and up over our house, this will go on all day for 2- 7 days straight.

We stand on our side deck and watch them coming up the hillside as they make their way up from Zurich Drive here in Crestline and fly west towards the flowering valleys of Los Angeles. We have seen them each year since our first year here on Brighton, in 1999. We are not sure where they come from, nor where they go, but they rarely stop. We look forward to this day each year because we become a part of something bigger. It’s a day to remember.

Hot, Hot, Hot

June 20th, 2008

Well today it was 98 degrees and even the goats & sheep were lying around in the shade. We all tend to be somewhat sleepy and slow…but, hey, that’s the heat talking.

The Blue Planet

June 29th, 2007

Life here on the Blue Planet is fabulous.

We are located at 5,000 ft in the Alpine mountains above San Bernardino, California. Our 5 acre parcel offers us a rustic ranch style way of living, which we all enjoy. We are great hikers and appreciate the wildlife that lives just outside of our doors. But my heart is saddened almost daily by the constant blackening of America. The more people come into our town, the more the land is covered with blacktop, road and homes. The forest is being thinned to protect people and their homes and things are starting to look like someones concept of a state park instead of a real forest.

The main drive through town is now a long, hot, black alley lined with ugly cars and a few barrels with trees in them until you get to the lake - which beautiful. It is fenced in part but accessible to the public and it draws hundreds of people to its shady shores. We have Bald Eagles, cranes, duck and other water fowl there and the lake is stocked with fish for the recreational fisherman. This lake flows to the desert and its level is regulated each season, so it is not infinite.

We are becoming a city of people and the city is for the people. They shoot the bears and complain about the coyotes eating their cats & small dogs. Now they want a dog park so they can unleash their dogs by the lake. It is so hard to walk your dog??? I understand that there will be a new part of our park fenced off for dogs and you can bet it will be as ugly as sin, but the people will be happy. The dogs would be happy if their owners just spent time with them.

It is time to rethink what is happening here. I know that there are local laws that govern how much landscape is to be preserved when building a home or business…but over the years…what was saved then gets destoryed and is slowly being replaced with blacktop and artificial grass. It’s shocking!

So much of the towns population has been replaced with people from cities. The old population died or moved away to escape the impact or sold to gain the benefit from selling their beautiful property for a lot of money. These new “flatlanders” seem to scared of everything. They feel a great desire for familiar things, things that looking like their old city. They want Home Depots, Borders Books and Starbucks. I really don’t see why they came here?! They want sidewalks, curbs, wider streets, turning lanes and parking lots for their huge SUV’s.

We have post office boxes here and there is a big movement at times to have home delivery of the mail. God forbid they have to walk from their car into the post office. Why do people live in places that they don’t want to interact with?

I guess everyone thinks it will just last forever, but it is just about gone now.

I believe there is a better way and I hope to find that way. Get out and walk more….see what is here and leave behind what you have left the cities for. You are perfectly safe here. You don’t need street lights.